Complete your beautiful dorm bedding with a custom extended dorm bed skirt. Extra long dorm bed skirts are the perfect way to hide your not-so-trendy storage bins and create extra closet room!

Most dorm beds will require one side panel and foot panel combo, as the other side of the bed is against the wall. The long side panel will feature a slit in the center for easy under-bed access. Dorm bed skirts are sewn onto a fabric decking that can be tucked underneath your dorm bed. It’s that simple.

Dorm bed skirts

Every dorm is different. That’s why Decor 2 Ur Door gives you the option to build your dorm bed skirt, just how you need it. Choose from side panel only, foot panel only, side and foot panel, and 2 sides and foot panel options.

D2D dorm bed skirts are made specifically with you in mind. They are designed to make life easier for you, add extra storage, and of course… a trendy decor aspect do your dorm room. Now, the only question is which one to choose : linen, cotton/poly, cheesecloth, velvet… the options are limitless.