Holy moly! We have officially designed and created the most beautiful dorm room bedding collection you have ever seen. We have designed 13 New Dorm Room Bedding Sets for 2018 that we know you are going to love! Our 13 New Dorm Room Bedding Sets for 2018 feature farmhouse style, preppy pretties, bohemian vibes, metallics, blush, and everything in-between! Shop all 13 New Dorm Room Bedding Sets for 2018 here.

13 New Dorm Room Bedding Sets for 2018

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. Here are our 13 New Dorm Room Bedding Sets looks with a couple fun extras like what went into the design process, extra pictures and closeups, and details – collection by collection.

Farmhouse Black & White Gingham Plaid Designer Dorm Bedding

Of course, we had to design a new and improved version of last years best selling Farmhouse Navy & White Ticking Stripe & Ties Designer Dorm Bedding Set. Our favorite part about the design are the handmade ties that are featured on the bed scarf and sham. We knew we wanted to incorporate those ties into this years design – but with a twist. Black and white is simple and sleep yet bold. We love black and white in farmhouse design because it incorporates that fun farmhouse feel while adding an industrial vibe. Gingham, buffalo print, plaid… whatever you want to call it… it is a showstopper. Our black and white large buffalo print plaid is paired with ruffles and frills, fringe, and black ticking stripe to create the prefect farmhouse dorm bedding look.

Black, Blush & Rose Gold Marble Dorm Bedding Set

Here at D2D, we are total suckers for marble. I’ll take a slab here, there, everywhere! When we sourced this fabric we knew y’all would love it just as much as we do. The fabric itself is a luxe fabric – full of texture, thickness, and extraordinary design and color. I wanted to make this look different than any other you have ever seen. I designed the sham with satin ties for the ultimate in design and a bold black pop. Of course, we added more texture with our black fringe dorm lumbar and completed the look with one of our favorites- rose gold. This rose gold dorm pillow is the perfect amount of metallic without being too glitz or glam. We love how this blush pink quilt and matching sham add a subtle and subdued vibe to this look. Want a bit more pop? Check out our next look.

Carrara Marble Black & Rose Gold Dorm Bedding Set

Look familiar? We loved our Black, Blush and Rose Gold Marble Dorm Bedding Set so much – we knew we needed to style it in a different way. One of my biggest challenges (personally) as a designer is that every look can be tweaked and changed to look completely different than the last. Where do you stop? We like to narrow our designs to the best of the best for y’all to choose from – and not overwhelm. I just knew I had to add the twist to the blush version of this look. For girls that aren’t as keen on pink – this black version is perfect for you. Another fun idea would be for each roommate to pick a different version to create a cohesive look – while still having a different flare and not being “matchy matchy.”

Blush & Grey Cowhide Dorm Bedding Set

Holy COWHIDE! Am I right? This Blush & Grey Cowhide Dorm Bedding Set is a twist on last years best selling Tan Cowhide Designer Dorm Bedding Set. The cowhide is soft, textured, and looks (and feels) like real cowhide. It is absolutely amazing. We knew we needed to design a look around this grey cowhide and that when designing we wanted to go outside the box. Sure, we could have kept it simple and gone with subtle tones… but who likes staying in a box?! We adore how the blush tones (and ivory) compliment the grey cowhide and create a totally unique look that you can only find one place… D2D, duh! This look is a fur frenzy, and we don’t mind it!

Blush & Grey Flamingo Dorm Bedding Set

Let’s Flamingle. The moment we saw this flamingo, we were part of the flock. This look is fun, flirty, and sophisticated. When designing this look, we decided to add our signature black satin ties to the sham. This was the prefect way to make the shams pop and stand out against the blush tones and patterns. I think the ruffles are a great way to tone the look down, and the patterned euro really finishes the look and brings it all together. We added a touch of fringe for a little movement… and VOILA… the perfect tropical dorm oasis.

Blush, Rose Gold & Fur Dorm Bedding Set

Catching on to the trend yet? Blush dorm bedding is one of this years biggest trends. We like to think of it as somewhat of a neutral. You can do so many things with it and change it in so many ways. This “neutral” look is one of my personal favorites. I have already talked my friends into ordering it for their king size beds at home. Sorry not sorry. The idea behind this design was luxe. Simple and luxe. I wanted to incorporate our exclusive fur bed scarf and fur dorm throw pillow with our blush quilt and sham. I love how the knit euro pillow adds a different texture to the look that you weren’t expecting. Of course, we finished it off with a pop. The metallic rose gold dorm pillow compliments the blush tones perfectly.

Metallic Gold Speck Designer Dorm Bedding Set

Going gold. Pics don’t do this look justice. You have to see how gorgeous this gold speck fabric is in person. The flecks of gold in this neutral tan fabric shine and show off with movement and light. It’s an absolute show stopper. When designing, I wanted to really make those gold specks shine! We added these metallic gold ties and accents to the bed scarf and sham to really tie (literally) it all together. We finished I.T   off by adding texture in the fur euro pillow and metallic gold splatter throw pillow. This look is simple yet wow.

Tan & Black Succulent Designer Dorm Bedding Set

I like to think I’m a pretty down to EARTH designer. #HadTo. This Tan & Black Succulent Designer Dorm Bedding Set was one of my favorite and most challenging looks to design. When I saw the succulent pattern fabric I instantly fell in love. I love the texture in the fabric that gives it an earthy vibe. I wanted to keep this look as natural as possible. The long succulent print lumbar is the perfect accent to the solid black, tan, and white. My favorite part about this look are the handmade tassels on the bed scarf that are made out of the succulent fabric. To me, this really created an organic feel and brought the entire look together.

Tan, White & Yellow Pineapple Dorm Bedding Set

Pineapples are popular and pretty. We love this pineapple dorm decor look. The pineapple print is bright and fun while not being “too much.” We love how our tan duvet cover really neutralizes the look. We wanted to add texture by adding our favorite white frilly square and brand new Tan Rattan Buttoned lumbar pillow. We think this is the perfect tropically trendy look.

Moroccan Bohemian Designer Dorm Bedding Set

Calling all our boho babes. This Moroccan Bohemian Dorm Bedding Collection is perfect for the girl that loves texture, mismatched colors, and that boho feel. When designing, we really wanted to combine colors that weren’t expected. This is a look we have never touched on before. We love how the navy compliments the pops of red and yellow to create that perfect boho bedding look. My favorite element of this look is the fringe on the bed scarf and lumbar pillow. We love how the fringe totally ties the look together. And that elephant euro pillow…. gives us all the feels.

and for an exciting addition… LILLY! You asked… we delivered. We have completely redesigned our Lilly dorm bedding line!

Lilly Flamingo Blue, Pink & Orange Designer Dorm Bedding Set

We have completely redesigned this Lilly dorm bedding look to feature MORE LILLY. Our new Lilly bed scarf and sham are all Lilly! Our previous design featured the Lilly print in the center of the bed scarf. You wanted MORE. Our Lilly Flamingo Blue, Pink & Orange Designer Dorm Bedding Set is preppy and perfect. We love our long lumbar with grosgrain accents that is perfect to monogram. This ties (literally) in perfectly with the hot pink satin ties on the Lilly sham. This look is perfectly preppy, simple yet stately, and perfect for our Lilly lovers!

Lilly Pink & Blue Coral Designer Dorm Bedding Set

You can never go wrong with preppy pink and nautical navy. This Lilly Pink & Blue Coral Designer Dorm Bedding Set was redesigned to showcase more of this beautiful Lilly print. We love how the look is simple yet jaw dropping. The navy blue dorm bedskirt and dorm headboard are the perfect pop to the white and hot pink tones. The Pink and Blue Coral Lilly sham features white satin ties that make it even more custom and unique. Perfectly preppy in Palm Beach!

Lilly Blue, Green & Yellow Peacock Designer Dorm Bedding Set

Because like a peacock, beautiful things don’t ask for attention. We love this Lilly Peacock Dorm Bedding Collection paired with bright and beautiful blue, bright white, and grosgrain ribbon details. This peacock print has us in awe over the fun print and colors! When we redesigned this look, we wanted to keep it bright and fun while staying simple and true to the Lilly look. The Lilly print is accented beautifully by our custom bright blue grosgrain ties in the sham. This look is bold and beautiful. Flock with the peacock, flock with Lilly, flock with D2D.

We are SO excited for y’all to get a behind the scenes look at what goes through our “design brains” when we are creating these beautiful looks for y’all. It is our goal to create looks that are unique and beautiful. We want a look that is perfect for everyone. Which of our 13 New Dorm Room Bedding Sets for 2018 is your favorite?