HOLY MOLY. Can you believe it’s already basically March? Time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve spent the last few months prepping, designing, and sourcing for our 2018 Dorm Bedding Collection. We can’t wait to share it with you! We decided to let you in on 5 Cute Dorm Room Ideas for 2018 that you don’t want to miss out on! If you’re reading this, we love you oodles and caboodles. We love our D2D lovers and friends more than you will ever know. Just for y’all… click the link below for an EXCLUSIVE look at our brand new 2018 Dorm Bedding Collection Looks! This link gives you sneak peek access to this year hottest styles! Be the first to see them (and get them).

5 Cute Dorm Room Ideas for 2018


Metallic Gold Dorm Bedding Metallic Gold Dorm Bedding Metallic Dorm Bedding

Mad for metallics? Metallics are a great way to add a little glitz and glam to your dorm room. They really fancy-fy your room decor while adding an edgy vibe. Year after year, metallic gold and metallic silver are best selling dorm bedding collections here at Decor 2 Ur Door. This year… we’ve added a twist on these designs and looks AND added our favorite… ROSE GOLD. Add as little or as much metallic as you’d like… you do you girl!


Will farmhouse ever go out of style? My personal answer… NO…. I sure hope not! Black and white gingham check is probably my favorite farmhouse look. A twist on last years best selling set in navy (Farmhouse Navy & White Ticking Stripe & Ties Designer Dorm Bedding Set), our Black and White Gingham Bedding collection features fringe, plaid, and hand-made tassels. Farm – fresh – and perfect.


Marble Dorm Bedding Marble Dorm Bedding

From kitchen counters to dorm room bedding… carrara marble bedding is stately and stunning. We love the texture and trendiness that marble print brings to your dorm room. Find fun marble decor to compliment your marble dorm bedding at your local HomeGoods or Hobby Lobby to really complete the look and tie it all together!


Grey Cowhide Dorm Bedding Grey Cowhide Dorm Bedding Grey Cowhide Dorm Bedding

We’re BACKKKK & better than ever. Our Cowhide Dorm Bedding Collection was an absolute favorite last year. This year, we decided to add a little blush to this look. Our grey cowhide is complimented with blush pink, dark grey, and ivory accents. One of the most important things to remember in designing for your dorm room is to MIX IT UP! Don’t be afraid to create a color palette that is unexpected – you never know how beautiful it could turn out.


Earthy Organic Dorm Bedding Earthy Organic Dorm Bedding Earthy Organic Dorm Bedding

So, this look is a personal favorite. I absolutely adore anything organic, textured, and earthy when it comes to decor. This look is effortless. Our succulent print pillow, handmade tassels, black and tan, and textures really complete the overall feel. Earthy and organic dorm bedding is this years biggest trend. Add macrame pieces and hanging plant holders to complete the look.

These 5 Cute Dorm Room Ideas for 2018 are the looks you will be seeing over and over this dorm season. Which Dorm Room Idea for 2018 is your favorite? Stay tuned for more trends, bedding collections, and dorm room decor that you will LOVE!