Sleep? Yes, I have a vague recollection of what that was like. With a newborn baby on my hands, sleep is definitely a hot commodity and quite a rarity. I’m pretty sure people who say they sleep like babies don’t actually have babies. According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, 1/3 of a person’s total lifetime is spent sleeping. What?! Well, if I’m going to average 26 years of this precious life catching some z’s, I better get good at drifting off to dreamland. Here are my top 5 tips for catching those z’s:

  1. Wear Your Sunglasses at Night

    • I know I’ve got you humming the famous tune from Corey Hart and there is something to be said for wearing your sunglasses at night. According to Harvard research, our exposure to blue light at night (late night Facebook stalking on your phones, anyone?) can throw off our biological clock and totally jack up our sleep. So, what’s a girl to do? Introducing blue blocker night glasses. These Amber tinted lenses work by reducing your exposure to the harmful blue lights and have been proven to increase sleep quality. You better believe my hubby and I wear these shades each night. If anything, it makes us giggle but I’m a firm believer in the power of seeing the world through rose colored glasses {wink, wink}

      2. Get High on Lavendar

  • You heard me, snort some lavender essential oil as part of your calming bedtime routine. Research shows that the scent of lavender eases insomnia, helps you sleep more soundly and feel more energetic in the morning. Count. Me. In. My current obsession is this mega-diffuser that makes my entire house smell like the spa


3. Settle Down with a Good Book

  • Some people have to prepare their minds to fall asleep (those people do not have babies). To help you turn off your brain and chillax, I recommend propping yourself up with a few fur euros and settling down with a good book. Book club recommendation: The Magnolia Story. We just adore Chip and Jo. In fact, we kinda consider ourselves besties….well, business besties that is. We recently added a fabulous, oh so Fixer Upper, line of exclusive Magnolia pillows and décor. Eek…I’m still giddy every time I cuddle up with my new Magnolia Pillow. Side note – I may or may not have added this gorgeous Magnolia rug in my bedroom….to help with my sleep of course. That’s how I justified it to the hubby.

    4. Turn Down the Temp

    • Burr…it’s cold in here. And it should be. suggests that the thermostat should be set between 60-67 degrees for optimal sleep. Because this Florida Girl finds that to be an arctic temp range, I absolutely adore cuddling up under this silky-smooth gray wrinkled quilt. I honestly feel like a Queen each time I pull up the covers. The yummy fabric gives me a little piece of heaven on earth.

      5. Turn Up the Tunes

      • If all else fails, call on Alexa. She always seems to save the day. IMO Amazon can do no wrong and the Echo is a perfect example. All I have to do is call on my girl, Alexa, and request some bedtime tunes and it’s off to sleepytown. You NEED Alexa in your life, trust me. I try to start playing my sleepytime tunes as I’m cleaning up from dinner to get in the mood…get your mind out of the gutter…the mood to SLEEP!

Let’s face it, this girl is tired as a mother but I have an adorable, tiny human to thank for that. I hope you’ll incorporate some of these tips into your bedtime routine and don’t take that precious sleep for granted. There will come a time when you would trade your left leg for full nights rest. I’m pretty sure I’ve reached that point lol Bring it on, what’s your best sleep advice?