Holy moly! Can you believe it is already 2018? January – February are some of our favorite months here at D2D because we get to do what we love most – design. In January and February we start thinking of our designs, new unique additions, and start photoshoot-ing our 2018 Dorm Bedding Collection // thinking of what we will bring to the 2018 Dorm Room Ideas and Trends world. There is so much thought and passion that goes into these months. It’s like a fire beneath our feet to create the best dorm bedding you ever did see! With that being said – we’re asking for YOUR help. What do you want to see in 2018 Dorm Room Ideas and Trends this year?

2018 Dorm Room Decor Trends

Here’s a little sneak of what we’re planning : of course, we’re not going to give away all our secrets just yet! We want y’all to be excited and surprised when we launch our official 2018 Dorm Room Ideas and Trends BUT this is to give you more of an idea of what’s happening in our D2D design heads.


We love pineapples. Pineapple dorm bedding is something that isn’t very easy to find. That’s where D2D comes in. We have the cutest dorm bedding set coming that is full of neutrals – a fun pop of color – and chill vibes. We’re loving the idea of doing some fun DIY projects like spray painting cardboard pineapples from your local Michael’s store to add a fun element and keep with the theme. We can’t wait to show y’all this look!

Pineapple Dorm Bedding

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Perfectly pretty in Palm Beach, right? Our Palm dorm bedding set of 2017 was a best seller, and we can see why! We love the bold palm leaf print. We also like adding a little twist with pastel pink or even a pop of black and gold! This look will never go out of style.

Palm Leaf Dorm Bedding

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Nothing but neutrals. That’s how we feel. We love how neutrals really brighten up a dreary dorm room. Neutrals are great because they allow you to do so many different things with your decor. You can keep it light and bright – or you can add pops of color in your decor to liven it up a bit. Either way, neutrals are a great way to go. We adore our white linen, neutral tan look and beyond. This look is timeless and sophisticated.

Metallic Gold Speck Designer Dorm Bedding Set

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Farmhouse feels. Always. We love the sweet, simple, and organic textures of farmhouse design. Farmhouse dorm bedding is an absolute favorite. From ruffles to cotton print – this look as it all. We love that farmhouse design is adding more pops – with black and navy accents. Farmhouse design also brings in a ton of texture that is a great way to add dimension to your dorm bedding.

Farmhouse Black & White Dorm Bedding

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Calling all our bohemian and cool chics. We absolutely love the boho look in interior design. Boho look is so organic. It is filled with texture, subtle and darker hues, and awesome decor. We haven’t dipped our feet into the boho look too much – but we are ready! We can’t wait to show you our take on the boho dorm room!

Moroccan Bohemian Designer Dorm Bedding Set

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Give us all the metallics! This year we are totally loving metallics and we know you will too! Of course – the ever popular – gold metallic is an absolute fave. We have some beautiful designs centered around the gold metallics as well as silver metallics. We’re also mixing it up a bit and bringing you some beautiful rose gold metallics to your dorm bedding looks. We can’t wait to see you go mad for metallics like we have!

Metallic Gold Speck Designer Dorm Bedding Set

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Do you love to see less pillows – or MORE PILLOWS on your bed? What is your dream dorm bed made up of? Comment below!

Get excited for our 2018 Dorm Room Ideas and Trends launching soon. We think this will be the best year yet!

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