Behind the Scenes of Modern Christmas Wreath Party

Behind the Scenes of Modern Christmas Wreath Party, Christmas Wreath Craft, Girls Craft Night, Christmas Craft, Modern Christmas Wreath

So, I’ve started an annual Christmas Craft Night (let’s call is CCN) where I invite some of my besties to create some cuteness. It’s a fun way to relax and unwind – and make time for each other in the crazy holiday season. Last year, I baked all sorts of cookies and had them ready for the girls to decorate. It was SO much fun. I’ll have to say… have girls bring different cookies and don’t bake them all yourself – to avoid an explosion in the kitchen and your head. I had little tins with each girls name so they could being their decorated cookies home! It was a lot of work – but totally worth it. The annual tradition has begun! This years CCN – Modern Christmas Wreath Party.

This year, I wanted to make a fun and different Christmas wreath. I love this modern take on a Christmas wreath – that really could be used all year long.

How We Made Our Modern Christmas Wreath

I got the girls together and we picked a date that worked for everyone. I wanted to do faux flowers so that we would be able to use the wreath year after year. I went to Michael’s and got about 1-2 big flowers (white and red) per person. Then, I added some smaller flowers for girls to add to the main big flower.

Then, I got a bunch of different greenery. I chose pine greenery, eucalyptus, green leaves, etc. Michael’s had all the Christmas florals for 50% off! Score! I also picked up some real greenery from the local Christmas tree farm (FREE!) & different types of real eucalyptus from Trader Joes. Each girl had a silver 14 inch hoop to use as the “wreath”. It ended up being $20 a person to create this fun and unique wreath – that honestly can be used year round! 

I covered my farmhouse dining table with wrapping paper to protect the wood. I placed a hoop at each place setting and wrote each girls name inside the hoop. It was a fun way to add personalization to the craft night! I also had a few choices of ribbon to add to the wreath to really complete the look.

We used glue guns, floral wire, and floral tape to attach the flowers and greenery to the hoop. I suggested to start with the main large flower and apply that first – then work the way out. A lot of the girls got super into it and set up the whole wreath before applying anything to the metal hoop… to make sure it was perfect. I thought that was a great idea! Who knew my friends were such perfectionists and so darn crafty ;).

Every girl grabbed their favorite flower(s) and we got to work! It’s so fun to see how different each wreath turned out. I was obsessed with every single one! I’ll admit – I was fired from being DJ – Spotify… get with the program on the Holiday Christmas Station. Other than that – the night was a total success!

The night was filled with Christmas Tree Spinach Artichoke Dip, Wreath Pigs in a Blanket, Chocolate Hummus, Christmas themed Prosecco Spritzers, and of course – fun crafts and great friends. I totally think you should do your very own “Behind the Scenes of Modern Christmas Wreath Party!”

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Now, what to do next year?! Ideas!?