7 Dorm Room Must Haves

7 Dorm Room Must Haves

1). Dorm Extended Length Bed Skirts

Of course, our Dorm Extended Length Bed Skirts had to be first on our 7 Dorm Room Must Haves list. Extended length dorm bed skirts are the perfect way to hide your not-so-trendy storage bins and create extra closet room for your fashionista wardrobe! Dorm bed skirts cover 2 sides of the bed ( one long side and foot of bed) and come as two separate pieces. The long panel will feature a slit in the center for easy under-bed access. Dorm bed skirts are sewn onto a fabric decking that can be tucked underneath your dorm bed. It’s that simple. Dorm bed skirts have a 34″ drop (standard bed is 15″ drop) which is perfect for lofted and raised dorm beds! These are one size fits most/all!

Dorm Extended Length Bed Skirts

2). Dorm Headboard

Dorm Room Headboard

Our Dorm Headboards are always a Dorm Room Must Have. Dorm headboards are the ultimate finishing touch to your beautiful bedding. Make your room have all the comforts of home with our coordinating headboard. Easy to install with included industrial strength velcro to attach to wall to secure if desired. Headboards weigh approximately 3 lbs. D2D offers 3 styles of dorm headboards: standard, clipped corner, or arched. Dorm Headboards are great to lean up against during your late night study sesh or binge watching Netflix with your roomie. They are not only fashionable and cute – but serve a purpose!

3). Dorm TXL Duvet Cover

Dorm TXL Duvet Cover

TXL duvet covers are important so that your duvet fits on the dorm TXL bed mattress. Dorm beds are longer than your standard twin bed. Our T/TXL duvet covers are the perfect fit for dorm beds! They are super soft and comfortable, easy to wash (important!), and beautiful! Don’t forget to add your T/TXL duvet insert. Our duvet inserts are made specifically for our duvet covers. Ever had the problem where your duvet insert slides around and doesn’t fit correctly? Not here my friend! These duvet inserts fit perfectly inside for a no hassle no mess – comfy sleep! Choose from a custom duvet cover as seen OR choose a solid stock duvet cover or quilt as the perfect bedcover!

4). Dorm Pillows

Dorm Room Pillows

Let’s have a pillow party! Pillows are a great way to add fun texture, color, and personalization to your dorm room! In our opinion, you can never have enough pillows. Are we right? You can choose from custom designed pillow piles, accessory pillows, and personalized pillows to complete your dorm room bedding and decor.

5). Dorm Bed Scarf

Dorm Room Bed Scarf

Our Dorm Bed Scarf is our exclusive (and best-selling) design! Liven up your dorm duvet with our custom bed scarf. Position your scarf at the bottom of the bed. This custom look allows you to add pattern and pizzazz to your bedding. Each bed scarf is created with invisible zipper enclosure for laundering ease and ability to poof up with included scarf insert. Inserts are poly down construction and fit perfectly inside the scarf. Dorm bed scarfs are the perfect way to tie your entire dorm bedding look together!

6). Dorm Room Furniture

Dorm Room Furniture

Dorm room furniture is the perfect way to transition that standard and bulky dorm furniture into something beautiful. Think about switching our your dorm desk chair with a trendy and fun D2D dorm desk chair. Another fun idea is to have a few of these dorm furniture pieces as a cute sitting area. Use this sitting area for study sessions or hanging out with your bestie. Our farmhouse metal dorm chairs and dorm ghost chairs are stackable and perfect for small space management!

7). Dorm TXL Sheet Set

Dorm TXL Sheet Set

Again, we’re talking about TXL. You get the point yet? Make sure to have the perfect dorm TXL sheet set with the rest of your 7 Dorm Room Must Haves. You can choose from banded sheet sets with a band of your favorite fabric, solid sheet sets, or monogram your solid sheet set for the ultimate personalization.

Are there any Dorm Room Must Haves you think we should add to our 7 Dorm Room Must Haves list? Comment below or let us know your favorites! And girl, let’s get to shopping! Dorm season is here!