4 Steps to Get Ready for Dorm Life

Dorm Prep 101

Hey college bound girl! So, you got your college acceptance and await your dorm assignment. Now is the time to start looking for dorm room inspiration and get ideas on how you want your dorm room to look. Here are a few things to get you on track. Check out our 4 Steps to Get Ready for Dorm Life.
1. Pinterest.

To find your particular dorm room vibe scour Pinterest and the web creating a board or folder with your favs. Be sure to check out D2D Pinterest. Our Pinterest boards are filled with tons of themed rooms and dorm room ideas!  Here, you can find tons of great inspiration and links to your favorite looks. Here are just a few styles to consider:

Dorm Room Bedding Style Trends

2. Wall Decor:

Surround yourself with your loves! What inspires you? Pics of your friends and fam are a great way to feel at home in your “home away from home”? We love this DIY way to display your favorite pictures – branch with square photos (insta, duh) via homed.com. Put your favorite motational saying or scripture. Don’t forget who’s room it is. Add that wall monogram decal! Wall decor is the part of your dorm room that you get to all personalized aspects and make your “side” different and unique.

3. Room Layout:

Since you probably won’t know for a while which dorm you will be living in, be dreaming about how you want to set up the beds (granted you’ll want input from your roomie!). Do you want to put your bed on risers? Our answer… of course you do! Extended length dorm bed skirts are a great way to hide your under bed “junk” while completing the bedding look at the same time! Check out some of our favorite dorm extended length bed skirtsDorm Extended Length Bed SkirtDorm Extended Length Bed Skirt Dorm Extended Length Bed Skirt

With space very limited and clothing very important, why not utilize all your space! Under bed storage is also perfect for the refrig/out of season clothes/ shoes etc.

Do you want to loft your bed? Think bunk-bed. If you don’t mind heights, this is another great option.The loft can be the perfect study nook or hangout space. Add a futon for friends to hang or sleep over. Curtain panels can add privacy if your roomie is sleeping and you are a night owl or pulling a dreaded all-nighter studying.

4. Checklist:

We got your back. Check out our list of must haves and start getting things together. Sign up for our blog subcribers list and we will keep you informed of promos and tips for making your year perfectly… BEAUTIFUL! Our D2D’s Ultimate Dorm Packing List is the perfect guide to dorm packing!

PS:Don’t forget to have your checklist of what NOT to bring to college, too!

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