Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

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Hotty Toddy alert! Check out this Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016 we did this season. These two ADORABLE roommates used our Hire a Designer section to create this #dreamdorm. I was the designer behind this operation– and I have to say I’m so proud of the final look.

The girls knew they wanted a blue and pink dorm ensemble. We started by picking the tone of blue we wanted to use. We chose our new “canal” blue to pair with our candy (hot) pink. They complement each other perfectly- while bringing in a bright and fun vibe. We picked our favorite fabrics in each color grouping and the rest is sweet (dorm room) history. After a few back and forth drafts– we came up with this as our finished product.

Step into their dorm room… I’ll walk you through our Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016!

Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

WOW! Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016 – The room is breathtaking. The colors draw your eye in automatically. The girls were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their new home away from home. Word around the *hall* was everyone was peeking in to see the best dorm room in the residence hall!

Our dorm bed skirts are made in an extended length 32″ drop. They are perfect for raised dorm beds like this. We love how the girls used the included pins to have a gathered look to the dorm bed skirt panels. Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

These window panels in the quatrefoil (fynn) print are all the rage. Dorm window panels are a great way to add a bit of privacy, cover up the bright sun (sleep in a bit!), and add color and pattern to the drab walls. We did a custom length for these panels to fit PERFECTLY in their dorm room.

We also love how the girls used an outside piece to add a little drama and storage in their dorm room! Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

Each roommate had her own closet panel (with a pink fynn header to match the window panels-DUH) to cover their cute clothes and belongings. We monogrammed each in gold with our vine font. Gold metallic monograms are everything. We love how the gold monogram ties into the gold polka dot square we designed with the bedding. Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

Of course, we HAD to have our exclusive bed scarf in the mix. We choose a new *and best selling* pattern in the canal color to coordinate with the custom dorm bed skirt. We also used this same print as the pillow sham. This is a great way to tie the bedding together. Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

We used the pink fynn from the window panels and closet panel header- as the euro pillow fabric. Then, we added solid hot pink custom square pillows with “Hotty Toddy” in gold metallic script. How FUN is that?! Seriously though. The gold metallic polka dot pillow adds a bit of glitz that every dorm room needs. Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

We also made these custom dorm desk covers. Each girl had her own desk cover- monogrammed in coral and finished in coral satin trim. How stinkin’ cute! This is such a sophisticated and customized look. Guess what y’all- we loved them so much… we will be adding them to our site for next dorm season! Stay tuned! Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

The girls did a great job adding accessories and fun accents to bring in more gold, coral, and blue. The room really came together perfectly and looks like a home (away from home)! Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016 Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

We hope the girls love their custom dorm room as much as we do! We are so thrilled with the finished product. To design ur own dorm room from top to bottom- contact a designer to get started. We are also available for home room design, teen bedding, apartment bedding, sorority bedding, and baby bedding. We can’t wait to design some more amazing-ness.

PS: If you ordered this season- don’t forget to send in your pics to be featured in your very own blog post. #FAMOUS y’all.