What to Wear on Thanksgiving OOTD

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The day is almost here. The day we all wait all anticipate… especially the foodies. The day we starve ourselves the day before so we can stuff our faces with turkey and stuffing and all things yummy. You know the day… Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is about family and food… and fun. It’s about being together with the ones you love most. It’s about showing those people how thankful you are for each and every day. I love everything that Thanksgiving stands for.

If you’re anything like me… you have to bring fashion into this somehow. Thanksgiving, however.. you can bet your bottom dollar I will not be sporting my favorite crop top to feast in. THE BLOAT IS REAL. Thanksgiving OOTD is all about comfort and cuteness. FINALLY, we have some cooler weather down here in SoFla so I’m super excited to whip (like whip cream on pumpkin pie) out my favorite booties and slouchy shirt to hide the (extra few) pounds I may or may not gain.

This Thanksgiving my grandparents will be coming in from Melbourne, FL with my Uncle from New Orleans. Can’t wait to see them. Then, my hunny and I will hop on over to his house to enjoy YET ANOTHER feast (at least it will be a gluten free Thanksgiving) with his family. After all, family is everything!

Here is some What to Wear on Thanksgiving OOTD inspiration:

What to Wear on Thanksgiving OOTD

I love the idea of a slouchy sweater with cut out shoulders to add a little fun. Pair these with these (stretchy) leggings and booties for a cute and comfy look.

What to Wear on Thanksgiving OOTDfall ankle booties

Heres another look.

What to Wear on Thanksgiving OOTD

You can pair this with a stretchy bodycon dress (see below), or a tee and leggings.

What to Wear to Thanksgiving OOTD

Don’t forget to add these booties to complete the look.

fringe booties

I also saw this shirt and loved it! This would look great with a pair of jeggings and these booties (see below).

What to Wear on Thanksgiving OOTDfall ankle booties

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Happy Shopping!
Happy Stuffing!
Happy D2D Thanksgiving!