Adam Block Design’s Retail Store GIVEAWAY

Win A $100 Gift Card for Remy + Olive, Adam Block Design’s Retail Store!

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We are SO excited to host a GIVEAWAY featuring a $100 Gift Card for Remy + Olive, Adam Block Design’s Retail Store! Adam Block Designs (or ABD to be trendy) has the absolute cutest sorority swag out there. “Welcome to the #1 name in Greek Apparel.” Boy, they ain’t lyin!

We love that you can search by organization and quickly find all the fun items for your specific sorority.  You can also browse by product type (i.e. hoodie, t-shirt, tank top), theme (prefect for your next social), or color.

ABD Remy + Olive features trendy sorority clothing that is perfect for college classes, sorority functions, or hanging with your sistas!

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Some other cool stuff: you can create your own design. Then, you can share it with sisters across the nation. This idea is perfect for your creative sisters. Have an idea and need someone to help implement it? Adam Block Designs is the answer. Their quality is superb (trust me, we wouldn’t recommend something we don’t LOVE ourselves).

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Adam Block Designs offers BlockBuy. Pun intended. Here’s how this crazy cool concept works.


When you use BlockBuy, you don’t have to pay a dollar upfront, guess how many shirts you’ll need, or have to chase after your sisters for cash. BlockBuy makes it easy, and allows you to get around the traditional minimums associated with screenprinting, leveraging the power of your sisters from all across the country to keep prices low.

BlockBuy: the awesomest way to purchase retail sorority apparel at wholesale prices!



If you’re just ordering for yourself, browse the live campaigns and make orders for anything you like! Once the estimates for those campaigns are reached, your card will be charged and your order will be confirmed. All you have to do is sit back and wait for it to arrive!

BlockBuy Campaign


If you’re ordering for a group that’s spread out across the country, or you just want to share your chapter’s great new design with the world, you can start your own BlockBuy campaign and allow anyone who views the link on the ABD site to join in on the order. They’ll take care of everything else—including shipping to everyone individually—so all you have to worry about is spreading the word to meet your goal.

BlockBuy Campaign
As you can see, the options are endless. To be honest it’s hard to find cute, trendy sorority clothing. ABD is a one-stop shop. All your sisters will be asking you where you got your adorable sorority swag. We are so excited to host a GIVEAWAY for y’all! Enter below. Good luck!
As always, Pan Love my friends!
Adam Block Design's Retail Store. The best sorority designs, now available individually!
Remy + Olive, Adam Block Design‘s Retail Store. The best sorority designs, now available individually!


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