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As y’all know, if you have custom dorm bedding from Decor 2 Ur Door… you have the #bestdormever. End of story. Decor 2 Ur Door is back and better than ever with our 2015 Custom Dorm Bedding Collection. We have released 28 (yeah, I said it… twenty. eight.) brand new custom dorm bedding designs. Every Designer Dorm and Teen Bed in a Bag Set is up and ready to be added to your cart.

best dorm room ever

Our Designer Dorm and Teen Bed in a Bag sets feature all the top bedding trends. Here are a FEW of our favorite custom dorm bedding trends of the 2015 season. We are so excited to share theses custom dorm bedding trends with you.

Nautical dorm bedding

Mint and Navy Nautical Dorm and Teen Bedding

Navy and Blue Nautical Dorm Bedding

Pink and Navy Nautical Dorm Bedding

Tribal Dorm Bedding + Aztec Dorm Bedding

Tribal Dorm and Teen Bedding

Aztec Dorm and Teen Bedding

Woodlands Inspired Dorm and Teen Bedding

Coral Woodlands Inspired Deer Dorm Bedding

Feathers Woodland Dorm Bedding

Ram Sparkle Woodlands Inspired Dorm Bedding

Geometric Dorm Bedding : available in multiple colors

Geometric Triangle Dorm Bedding

These are just SOME of the amazing trends we feature in this years Custom Dorm Bedding collection. Which is your favorite?

We can’t wait to see the pictures you send us with our custom dorm bedding and your personal touches. Each and every girl makes her room different and that’s what we love most! Personality and pizzaz!


D2D Team