Inspirational Quote: Love your career.

love your career

Alright… alright… alright (in a Matthew McConaughey voice). I’m feeling a little (lot) thankful, emotional, appreciative, loved, & happy this morning. I want to start by saying that being happy is E V E R Y T H I N G.

When I graduated from college with a degree in Hospitality Management from Florida State University (GO NOLES!) I had every intention to spend the rest of my life planning dream events. Having worked at a world renowned resort, The Breakers, for years… I had top of the line experience in my field. I also interned at an amazing Event and Design firm and continued Independent Contractor work where I worked events at Mar-A-Lago (Donald Trumps rad crib), The Flagler Museum, and many more. Events were my life. I then went on to do events in the Polo arena. Working 80 hours a week just wasn’t my thing and I was not in the environment that made me thrive… my passion began to fade. I went home from work every day unhappy (and usually crying to my poor boyfriend and mom/dad/sister/roommate). Long story short, I decided to follow my heart and resign from my event planning job.

I’ve alway been a very independent person. I love working. I love proving myself to others, but more importantly to myself. At this point, I needed something to do to support myself while I figured out my plans. Of course, Decor 2 Ur Door was BOOMING and my mom needed help. I jumped in and started designing and working on marketing and promotions. Every day I went to work I learned something new. What began as a temporary job, became my passion and my career. To me, its all about creativity. That’s my passion. Whether its designing an event or designing a gorgeous custom room (or even “designing” an outfit), I’m in my prime. I’m in my happy place. I’m an Interior Designer!

It’s been over a year now that I have worked for Decor 2 Ur Door. I can’t begin to say how blessed I am. I have such a huge part in this company. At my age, to be able to have this much authority and say in a company is amazing. I design the rooms. I help in the website design and promos. I learn Photoshop and blogging. Not to mention, I have a life! I also got to be a part of launching a brand new company, Baby Bump Bedding (my personal baby). In the beginning, I never wanted to “work for my mom.” It killed me every time someone said that. Now I know in my heart that I work for my mom, but I earned every second of it and I have helped grow this company to make it bigger and better than ever. Soon, it will be mind BAHAHAH (witch laugh) watch out mom! By the way, thank you mom for everything. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me the reigns. Thank you for accepting my ideas and making changes what will help this company. You have grown this company that I am honored to be a part of. Thank you for being there for me always. I love you, and I love my job. (…I’m crying right now by the way).

Follow your heart. You never know where life will lead you, that’s the fun in it. Now, I go to work (my career) and do amazing things with people I love. Take a look at yesterdays work day sneak peek.

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Oh, and we went to HomeGood’s for inspiration. Job well done my friend, job well done.