Coordinating Nursery and Teen Bedding

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Introducing: Coordinating Nursery and toddler/teen bedding. Now, we have 2 companies that meet ALL your bedding needs. Baby Bump Bedding was launched this year (December 24th to be exact) as a place to get adorable custom baby bedding all in one place. Decor 2 Ur Door is bigger and better than ever. We thought… why not offer our amazing designs and custom bedding to all shapes and sizes. Literally. Thus, we give you Baby Bump Bedding. We love the idea of being able to coordinate your custom nursery and custom big girl bedding.

coordinating nursery and toddler bedding. coordinating nursery and teen bedding. coordinating nursery and home bedding.

Here’s the coolest thing. Now, you can coordinate your custom nursery with your custom toddler bedding, custom teen bedding, or custom home bedding. 

We absolutely love the idea of having a our custom Baby Bump Bedding paired with our custom Decor 2 Ur Door bedding to create the perfect coordinated room. From baby, to toddler and beyond! This Grey Restoration Hardware Inspired Custom Bedding from Decor 2 Ur Door is paired with Baby Bump Bedding’s Grey Neutral Designer Created Crib Set (gender neutral baby bedding). 

This idea is also perfect for all the grandmas/nanas/mimis out there. You can design ur own bedding using Decor 2 Ur Door. Then, you can deign your own custom baby bedding to match. Create one unified room that looks great all the time!

You can choose to mix and match the fabrics or you can make the bedding exactly the same on both beds (or crib in this case).

Now, we literally have you covered in ALL shapes and sizes!

Decor 2 Ur Door and Baby Bump Bedding to the rescue!


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