Tiffany Blue Dorm Room Ideas

Here’s a fab way to have “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” every morning.

Check out our Tiffany Blue and Black Damask Dorm Bedding Set. This gorgeous color combo never goes out of style (neither do Tiffany diamonds and jewels, hint hint to my boyfriend).

Every girl loves that little blue box. Tiffany blue has always been a D2D fave. Tiffany blue dorm bedding set mixed with damask and bold patterns and white or black touches. Add a personalized metallic silver monogrammed pillow to make your dorm room dazzle – just as their jewels! Our new twist on this set even has jewels! Bling Bling!

Bedding Set Includes:

  • Twin/TXL Solid Black Stock Duvet Cover and Sham
  • Designer Sham
  • Designer Bed Scarf
  • Designer Square Pillow Cover
  • Designer Lumbar Pillow Cover
  • Designer Euro Pillow Cover

Need a little more personalization? We’ve got cha’ covered! Our top seller Monogrammed Pillow and Monogrammed Sheet Set are perfect for this set. Think Tiffany Silver (sterling, that is!).

Top it off with a Pinterest worthy DIY project to add a little FAB to those DRAB walls. What you’ll need: Tiffany & Co. bags. That means you have an excuse to buy some new bling. You’re welcome. Stick to walls with double-sided command tab tape. Fill with some of your fave items and school supplies. Voila!

Organizing with Tiffany shopping bags

You’ve officially created Breakfast (in your dorm) at Tiffany’s.

Design on D2D Fans!