TGIF my friends! We’re totally drooling over todays #OOTD. #WIW– well, more like what i WISH i wore. Totally love the color combo. Did you look at this picture and get happy? I did. Do the happy dance (it’s totally trending).


(Source: femina-pulchra, via m-ango-frappe)

Let’s not forget to mention the modern + retro decor. This picture has style written all over it. Emerald is one of my favorite colors (last years Pantone color of the year). It’s such a bold pop. I used emerald as one of the main colors in my room in my condo (by D2D, of course).

Emerald, Pink, Mint Room

Emerald, Pink, Mint Room

Emerald, Pink, Mint Room

As designers we get inspiration from everything. Whether it be an ornate plate from HomeGoods or a fashion find like above — color and style is everywhere and inevitable. I, for one, am a fashionista a heart. I love creating style through clothes.

Happy Designing {and happy Friday}!