We hope everyone had a Hippity- Hoppity Easter Sunday!

Here’s some inspiration for the day. Don’t know what to do with all those gorgeous DIY Glitter Easter Eggs (check out our DIY blog, here)? We LOVE this creative and cute idea from FIVEheartHome. Visit her blog for more fun ideas and DIY instructions.

Hard-Boiled-Egg-Chicks-and-Bunnies-Made-From-Dyed-Easter-Eggs_700pxTitle2 Hard-Boiled-Egg-Chicks-and-Bunnies-Made-From-Dyed-Easter-Eggs_700pxBunny Hard-Boiled-Egg-Chicks-and-Bunnies-Made-From-Dyed-Easter-Eggs_700pxChicks


  • Hard-boiled eggs (1 1/2 eggs per bunny and 1 egg for every 2 chicks), peeled
  • Black sesame seed
  • Carrot triangles
  • Red pepper triangles
  • Chives


  1. For a bunny: Slice one egg lengthwise. Half will be the bunny’s body. Slice the other half lengthwise again to make two ears. Slice a second egg widthwise. One half will be used for the bunny face (the other half can be saved for another bunny). Trim a slice of egg white off of the rounded back of the head so that it lays flat, and cut that piece in half to make two feet. Assemble bunny as shown, decorating with black sesame seed eyes, a small triangle of red pepper for the nose, and chive whiskers.
  2. For a chick: Use half of an egg that has been cut widthwise. Slice off a thin piece of the back so that it doesn’t roll. Decorate with black sesame seed eyes, a small triangle of carrot for the nose, and chive feathers on top of the head. Use a toothpick to make a hole before attempting to insert chive “feathers.”
  3. FROM D2D: Once you’ve finished awe-ing over these beauts, mash the eggs and add a dollop (or two) of light mayo to create a delicious egg sammy (with Ezekiel bread, of course) for your Monday lunch at school or work. Season to taste and refrigerate. Enjoy!


D2D Team