Decor 2 Ur Door wants to wish you a big congratulations on your College Acceptance!

After all those strenuous hours studying for SAT’s and AP classes, the day has finally come!

You’ve got mail!

You’ve been accepted to the college of your dreams! Now, first things first– Impressing your dorm-mates with the hottest dorm room on campus!

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 4.56.38 PMSelect a predesigned stylish bed in a bag with several custom options. Monograms, monograms, monograms (pillows, wall decals, chair covers, headboards & more)! OR… use your creativity to dive in and design your own unique bedding and dorm décor. We’re sure you’ll pass that test!

Congratulations! We will see you on campus!

For now, it’s a Go Noles! and Go Auburn! from the D2D Team and Alumni

xo- D2D Team