Smack in the middle of our phenominal dorm back to school season, Good Morning America calls to do a segment featuring Decor 2 Ur Door bedding and decor.  Two days later, I am picked up by my driver and flown to St. Louis Missouri for an impromptu dorm room makeover.  What a surprise and what an event!

Arrived in at 1 in the morning and headed to see the dorm for the first time at 8.  We arrived with camera crews in full force and a big job to do.  The furniture had to be arranged for a triple.  The girls met for the first time.  Their belongings were unloaded and the work began.  Loved the girls and their families.  The room did have it’s limitations…lots of furniture and no windows!  We hung fabric panels to camoflauge the flaws…added chair covers, bedding, headboards, futon and impromptu cover from a scarf…pillows, rugs, accents and voila… mission accomplished!

Goes to show you… you never know what the day will bring…and how a segment can slam your website.  Thanks for your support to all my team, freinds and FAMILY! With little notice, my daughter packed me, friends rallied and drove me, and dropped everything to help… I am blessed!