Okay… True Confessions!  I am a TriDelta Mom with two Alpha Delta Pi daughters.  With your Mom in the dorm design and dorm bedding business, we’ve have been featured on the rush recruitment house tours.  Here are a few pics to give you some sorority themed decorating ideas.  You have so many options.

  1. Decorate your room with your favorite colors and introduce your sorority in little touches.  Add monogramming with sorority letters in your colors.  Select a fun font!  Add custom vinyl wall art greek letters in your favorite color to match your bedding.


2.  Decorate your room in your sorority colors.  Take your sorority colors  and let them bleed through your bedding and decor design.  Add fun, trendy fabrics in your sorority colors.

3.  Decorate your room in maxxed out sorority pride.  Mix in sorority vinyl wall art, sorority lettered trashcans, sorority pillows, sorority frames… all coordinated and screaming…. I LOVE my sorority!

Scan through a few of the rooms I’ve done.  Enjoy! 

Here is Megz first apartment with her sorority pride displayed in monogramming, lion pillow, painted canvases.  She made the selections.  Following in her Momma’s footsteps!

Salvaged an old dresser in the attic with a ten minute paint ragging, and hot coral knobs!

Start the day off with cheer.  Added over the toilet shelving, fun towels and accessories.

Flower Power!

Check out the window panels and wooden chadelier we mounted.  The chandelier is irredescent sparkle edged…. dazzling!

Another view!

Okay… so that’s a version of #1.

Love the giant sorority hot pink scripted wall lettering ADPi….

It’s all about the details.  Notice the Golden arches custom vinyl decal as roomates both share McDonald name.They are Big and Little Sisters… not by blood so we made the bolster pillows with monograms for extra comfort.

To be continued…. hope this gets those creative juices flowing!

Color coordinated… pinks, lime, and brown.

Decorating in STYLE!