Decorating your college dorm room begins with the dorm room bedding.  Just got accepted to college?  Now what?  Let’s get that dorm room decorated!

We’ve been hard at work designing dorm room bedding that is stylish, functional,and durable. Think thread counts and duvets.   This year we are featurning the addition of bed scarfs that add pop to solid duvet.  A scarf transforms your dorm bedding into a reasonably priced custom bedding option.  Available in hundreds of color/pattern options.  You pick your passion, and we’ll make it for you.  Intimidated?  Need to see it done, select one of our custom desinged bedding packages.  The scarfs make coordinating with your roomate and roomates’ budget…. easy.  If you prefer traditional looks, we can do that too and make a custom duvet and pillows… no problem.  Once again, you pick your fabrics, and we’ll deliver your dream bedding Decor 2 Ur Door!

As you’ll be sitting up in bed, studying, hanging out… you want to put thought into your bedding decision.  Think comfort, durablity and style!  We are here to help if you get confused or need help.  Email us … we love to hear from you!

Enjoy the journey….

To be continued… we’ll do this decorating in… stages… more to follow.