Decorating a dorm room involves creativity, not a lot of money.

Always look for light items when hanging on dorm room walls.  Most of the walls are cinderblock construction and you can’t use nails.  Tacking stripes when available are great for small nails and ribbon or fishing line to get the level or height you want to hang the item.

You know how I urge you girls to think outside the box?  Here’s an example.

You need to take that boring dorm wall from drab to fab.  It needs to be lightweight.

Check this out…

I was in my local party store last week and saw this great patterned square plate.  It was paper(light)

and eyecatching pattern.  Best of all the 12 plates are $1.99.

Enter creative juices… What can I do with these?

1. Eat off them- no have plenty at home

2.  Decorate with them..

 Here goes:

Take the plate, add sticky command tabs to the back.

Fashion a ribbon of your choice for color pop!  Attach to the plate with tape.

Add a photo or initials if you wish….

Position on your dorm walls.

Voila.. a great look for under 50 cents each! It’s just that simple.

Send me your dorm ideas

Series and ideas to be continued… keep stopping by… add Decor 2 Ur Door

to your favorites!

Now with that money you saved… let’s talk creative dorm room bedding.

Enjoy YOUR journey!