Things to do to prepare for college.  Scan this checklist:

1. Scheduling and attending orientation.

2. Taking required college math and foreign language placement tests.

3. Pre-registering for fall 2010 classes. Check out

4.  Order textbooks.  Check out

5. Complete on-campus housing forms.

6. Completing roommate questionnaires.  Facbook or contact your new room mate. Discuss room.

7. Selecting a health insure plan.  Theft plan if necessary.

8. Analyzing and selecting a dining meal plan.

9. Look at transportation options.  Are you bringing your car?  Parking pass.

10. Gym class schedule Avoid that freshman 15lbs.

11. Finding and preparing to apply for campus activities of interest.  Get involved.

12.  Arranging banking accounts.  

13.  Pack your essentials.  Visit Decor 2 Ur Door for dazzling dorm bedding and decor

Stay on top of things to avoid long lines and panic!