Sassy Salmon Dorm Room Bedding - Room 2 GoCustom Bed Skirt

Moving into a dorm room can be challenging. Dorm Bed skirts are necessary for hiding under the bed storage items. So little space, so much to bring.  Now… to find the storage spaces.  The easiest way to increase your space in the dorm room is to vault the bed or put it up on risers.  In my daughter’s dorm room, we made custom risers and put the dresser under the bed.  We purchased under the bed storage containers with wheels for shoes, sweaters, out of season items.  Utilize this space!

With all these things under the bed, hide them.  Add a stock bed skirt if the drop is 14 inches or under.  If you use the risers or want a unique custom look, design your own bed skirt.  Select from a wide variety of fabrics and specify your drop.  We’ll make it for you.  Our dorm bed skirts can be 1,2, 0r 3 sided depending on your needs. 

Don’t forget this finishing touch to your dorm room bedding.  Add a matching window panel or closet panel.  Make it special and uniquely yours!

All the Best,