Tiffany Dorm Room Bedding Color Selection

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Touch of Tiffany Dorm Room Bedding - Creative Cuff

After weeks of deliberating on your dorm room bedding, you made a color selection decision. You know what you want and are one step closer to beautiful bedding! Since you have the dominate dorm bedding color, let’s strive to determine the style or feel of main and accent fabrics. This is a very important step as you will literally be living with this decision. Avoid something that you will outgrow or tire of. What fabrics “speak” to you? Does the fabric put a smile on your face or inspire you? Feel the texture- this is especially necessary if you are a tactile person. Think outside the box. You are stepping out into a whole new world so don’t be afraid to step out into unique fabrics on your journey.

Style of fabrics

Determine YOUR sense of style to reflect your personality.

Here are a few style choices.

Preppy. Sophisticated.

Contemporary. Bright.subtle.. Animal print/Wild and Crazy. Bohemian. Vintage. Juicy. Tiffany. High Style. Comfy. Retro.

Plush. Beach, Theme. Sport. Collegiate Spirit. Sorority. Etc.

Accent colors/fabric style

stay in the same color palette and do darker or lighter shade- monochromatic. Soothing and soft feel.

add the unexpected- accent with animal print with preppy striped or plaid style. Surprise.

Two bold accents. Strong color with another. Dramatic black with bold yellow etc..

Add monogramming for that truly personal look and feel.

Putting Dorm bedding together

You have all the colors and fabrics you want to use gathered. Now make a design sheet and visualize the fabric selections in each category.

Use my design template, Design Ur Own logo as a guide. Now that you love your selections, place your order Décor 2 Ur Door sit back and wait for your beautiful custom dorm bedding Décor 2 Ur Door voila- delivered.