Here’s our SPECIALTY!!

D├ęcor 2 Ur Door prides itself in making your bedding unique and a reflection of YOU!  Let's get started!

1.  Comfort - Those dorm mattresses are can I say it?...rough and uncomfortable and covered in plastic. Start by getting a great mattress pad.

2.  I suggest a topper such as a thick memory foam or a feather bed. the extra cover for these as the toppers themselves can't be laundered and accidentshappen!

3.  Once you've decided on the bed height, add a bed skirt to hide all the "stuff" under your bed. The better you organize under the bed the less work you'll have later hunting for all of your "stuff".

4.  Now for the bedding... I have found that you LOVE duvets. They offer the ability for you to easily change them out and launder them.

5.  Get a duvet insert.  I find the poly fill to be the more affordable and allergy resistant. And girls like the lighter feel and fact that they hold their shape better.

6.  Once you've filled your duvet (or added the comforter if your prefer) add the CUFF for a stylish finish!

7.  Get great sheets!! Many people like the softness of the jersey knits, or cotton sateen's.  We offer a full range of thread counts.

8.  Now for the pillows.  As you'll spend a lot of time STUDYING in yourroom, so make sure you have great comfortable pillows as your bed will often butt up to the cold cinder block walls.  Load up with comfortable pillows. You will love the flexibility of reversible D2D pillows and their invisible zippers make it so that they can be easily cleaned or switched out!  These are FUN!
9.  Add comfy blankets!! Carefully coordinated.

Most of all...Make it YOU and COMFY!!! Feel great about your space...It'syour new home!!

Next up...the WALLS