Many of you have emailed me to get info on how to tie together your dorm rooms for that coordinated look. Here are a few tips…

  1. Get to know your roommate and her taste.. interests.. and color preferences
  2. Get your room layout and measurements if possible
  3. Move furniture around to max your space.. Consider storage of refrigerator, drawers, etc under the beds
  4. Know that you each should add your personal touches and flair. No need to have cookie cutter rooms. You can have them match but be unique to each of you
  5. Email finds to your roommate if you live far away and talk about your likes/dislikes etc. Value her input and ideas as you are setting the pace for your year together!
  6. Decide who is bring what to the room ie tv, refrig, microwave
  7. Be considerate of roommates decorating budget and balance your ideas/ $$$
  8. Have FUN!!

Decorating a dorm room can and should be an exciting time as you express yourselves in your new and OWN environment. Big thing is to carry the colors across the room from yours to hers!. You can do this in shade variances and patterns. Make sure you have lots of cozy pillows for relaxing with friends. Add fun lighting through paper lanterns, chandeliers or lamps. Photos are a must to personalize your space. Use collages or ribbons to mount them. Get creative. Let those creative juices flow. And yes, email me if you have additional questions. I love to help you create your dazzling dorm rooms.